Introducing bike touring

What is bike touring ?

Bike touring is a slow type of travel, at your rythme, on long distances, giving priorities to new encounter and nature.

Bike touring permits to brake from everyday’s stress. It is choosing to see less but see better, to travel without leaving a mark, to discover places by a different way, to allow a part of adventure in your travel.

Alone, between friends or family, bike touring is for everyone and is based on your experience and desires : only a few days, a week or even several months for the big travelers !

Places to go on bike touring are increasing over the years in France and especially in Vendée. We have seen in recent years the creation of bike roads like the « Vélodyssée – EuroVelo 1 » which run along the west coast or the « Loire à vélo » which start from Saint Nazaire to end back at Nevers in the center.

How does it works ?

With this service the Cycl’Hop offers you to ride around with bikes fully equipped for bike touring, and to bring them to the city of your choice : Challans, Noirmoutier, Saint Jean de Monts, Les Sables d’Olonne, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, La Tranche-sur-Mer. We drop the bikes off on demand in one of our relay cities and we bring them back when you ask. We don’t have a definite tour so you can begin and end wherever you want (in the limit of the cities we cover).

We also guide you in the choice of your itinerary depending on your level of cycling, your desires and how many you are. For the elaboration of the contract we only demand a deposit (the value depend on the number of bikes) which we of course bring you back at the end if the equipment is returned without any damage.

Where do I take / leave my bikes ?

Our relay cities :

  • Challans
  • Noirmoutier
  • Saint Jean de Monts
  • Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
  • Les Sables d’Olonne
For a complete list of our relay cities don’ t hesitate to give us a call

How much does it cost ?

With the bike touring service provided by the Cycl’Hop you don’t need to buy your bikes or to take them with you : we take care of it. All you need to pay is the price of the of your rental and the transferring cost of your bike(s).

Rates for a touring bike alone

Duration Price
1 day 16 €
2 days 26 €
3 jours 33 €
4 jours 40 €
5 days 46 €
6 days 51 €
7 days 54 €
8 days 57 €
9 days 60 €
10 days 63 €
11 days 66 €
12 days 69 €
13 days 72 €
14 days 75 €
15 days 78 €
16 days 81 €
17 days 84 €
18 days 87 €
19 days 90 €
20 days 93 €
21 days 96 €

Rates of transfer per bike

If you order 5 bikes we offer you 5% discount on the transferring price of your bikes, and for 10 bikes we offer 10% discount.

Zones Price per bike
From Bouin to Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie 10 €
From Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie to Sables d’Olonne 20 €

The equipment at your disposal

For bike touring you need a bike equipped for long distance ride, that is why Cycl’Hop put at your disposal all-rounder bikes which are combining comfort and performance. Moreover you can also chose different accessories designed for bike touring like waterproof saddlebag, bottle cage, digital odometer, etc…

If you want a free cost estimation, advices on bike touring, or itineraries, don’t hesitate to call us